Holiday Inn Reservations

More than one CHSH guest was told by reservations that the hotel is booked and the block of rooms is full. I called Diane Fuentes, the sales rep at the Holiday Inn, and she said the hotel is nowhere near booked and there are still rooms available in the block for Thursday-Sunday (we always hold a couple of rooms for early/late arrivals). Diane's direct line is 312.529.1115 if you have any problems with central reservations. Often that's a national call center and they may not have the same information as the reps at the hotel do.

This is still a good wake-up call to reserve your rooms now - if we do exceed our block they can add more rooms for us. But if we wait too long, there is still a chance there won't be more rooms to add. The block expires March 12th. Get in there and get your rooms now; they don't charge your card until you check out. Only takes a minute to call and hold a room. Do it!


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I'm so jealous of this Tweetup.  I can't be there but I will be living vicariously through your pictures.

This Tweetup rules.

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