CHSH No. 8 Operating Instructions

The August CHSH is a lower-key affair, so the only formal event we host is The Main Event, Saturday night at Mullen's Bar and Grill in Wrigleyville.

However, we spend much of the weekend in the River North neighborhood (where the Holiday Inn is located) or exploring museums or Millennium Park downtown.

Follow @chshtweetup on Twitter; organizers will post live updates of spur-of-the-moment plans throughout the weekend.

Depending on arrival times, people hang out Friday afternoon and evening (meet at the hotel lobby and/or bar around 6). Karaoke could happen, or another idea might strike, who knows.

People also head out for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Steve's Deli and Wishbone on Washington are faves, and breakfast at the Holiday Inn is good, too.

Throughout the weekend, if you're looking for some nerds to hang with, check the lobby at the Holiday Inn; that's where plans are made, schemes are hatched, and hangovers are endured.

If you're new, don't be afraid to say hi; look for @frageelay, @gorillasushi, @jezebelthegreat, or @designatedtwitr and we'll make you feel welcome. Be sure to read our About and Tweetup Tips pages before attending.

Questions? Post 'em here.

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