to the best source of info on the Chicago(ish) Tweetup. Whether you're in the Chicago area or inclined to travel here, you're welcome to join us.


Here. Have a glossary. You can read up on how we got started here.

CHSH - This is the official Twitter hashtag for Chicago(ish) tweetup-related info questions.

Twitter - If it wasn't for Twitter, there would be no Chicago(ish) Tweetup. Or tweetups at all; we'd just call them meetups or parties or nerd herds or whatever. In all seriousness, online friendships formed from telling jokes on Twitter, and this tweetup grew from that, and then meatspace friendships formed from that. We think all of this is pretty fantastic.

Hashtag - Hashtags allow users to tag similar tweets to make them easier to search for. Preceded by the hash (aka 'number' or 'pound' - #) symbol, people usually put them at the end of a tweet. When you only have 140 words to get your point across, abbreviations are a necessary evil.

Tweetup - Twitter + Meetup. Clever, huh? Since 'Nerd Herd' and 'Geekup' tend to scare people away, Tweetup it is.

Chicago(ish) - The name reflects that the founders of the tweetup live in the Chicago metro area, not just the city proper. We're even invaded regularly by a roving band of wild and crazy Topekans, so we wanted the name to have a broader reach.

Internet - Okay, if you don't know this one, maybe this isn't the gathering for you.

Meatspace - It's not a porny MySpace. Promise. This is where people go when they actually put on pants and leave the house to hang out - wait for it - in person. We know, right?

Pants - We really must ask that you actually wear pants (or their pantsley equivalent--jorts, jeggings, skirts, kilts, dresses, chaps, etc.) to our events.

Guac 'N Tots - An evil genius among us decided to combine guacamole and tater tots as the appetizer of choice for those who may have overindulged at CHSH. Happens to the best of us.

To RSVP and access more CHSH trip planning info (carpooling, room sharing, lodging, activities), please register for an account. It's free, only takes a minute, and is completely painless. Also, we promise never to use any information you provide for any other purpose.



In April 2009, after Toni/@frageelay sent up a flare on Twitter asking if anyone wanted to grab a beer, a ragtag bunch of nerds gathered in a pub on Chicago's Far North Side. These nerds were special, because they'd discovered that the best use of Twitter was to tell jokes. Friendships quickly formed and that noisy bouncing thing you do when you type 'LOL' happened throughout the night. The nerds had so much fun gathering in meatspace that they decided to meet quarterly at the same pub.

As Twitter caught on with the normals, so did tweetups, and in April 2010, our first large-scale event occurred. We found a bigger pub and a hotel willing to put up with us. Museum tours, brunches, and lobby lounging took place, and a great time was had by all.

We had so much fun hosting and attending the big April event that we've decided to make it an annual deal. We will always host smaller gatherings about quarterly, but the April CHSH event is the one you won't want to miss. In addition to @frageelay, there's a healthy group of 'regulars' who hang out throughout the year, and a handful of folks who help organize each tweetup. Jason (@gorillasushi) built this site and designs the official logo for each tweetup. Rachel (@girldetective), Cary (@ChiNurse), Kelly (@KellyDeal), Dan (@Designatedtwitr), Mike (@MikeMorrow), Jess (@jezebelthegreat), and Lindsay (@Lindstifa) help coordinate events and ensure the tweetups are ridiculously fun.

Thanks for stopping by, and @reply us with any questions, suggestions, or bright ideas, or post in our forum.

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